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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2010 12:16 am
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thunderbolt wrote: Yeah, because you saw that coming.

Seems I picked The Jets to win the SB in "Pick The SB Winner" Beej started before the playoffs.
I never bet against my team. I really think and thought before the plaoffs started that we can win it all.
Actually the the team that worried me the most: was The Ravens. I knew we could beat The Bengals...The Chargers were ripe for the pickings, was I the only one who saw that? Granted I thought the Chargers was probably going to be a very tough game. I'm glad we're playing Indy now as I was hoping for them to beat The Ravens yesterday. The Jets always play Indy tough.

Minnesota is the team that's got me scared now, but if we play them in the SB I think we have a chance to beat them. They will beat them.

BTW sorry about your Chargers and your choke artist kicker.