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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2010 12:28 am
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pjstef wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: thunderbolt wrote: Yeah, because you saw that coming.

Seems I picked The Jets to win the SB in "Pick The SB Winner" Beej started before the playoffs.
I never bet against my team. I really think and thought before the plaoffs started that we can win it all.
I am glad for the Jets but my question is - what has to happen next week for your pick to really occur? I'd say they have to get on the board early, of course play tight D, but also hope for a few breaks. You know the Colts are thinking they need to put a couple of scores up fast, knock the Jets off their game right away, because the past 2 weeks teams have let the Jets hang around and have gotten burned.

Yeah, I mentioned even after the Bolts took a lead in the 2nd that the tempo favored the Jets.  The Jets don't strike me as an effective come from behind team, but let them hang close and they are very, very dangerous.

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