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 Posted: Tue Jan 19th, 2010 04:21 am
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khawk wrote: stingmark wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: Well so far Tony Homo is fumbling this game away for Dallas
I told you all he sucked. He cant win the big game....he's crappy. I'd take Matthew Stafford over this dude anyday. I dont give a fuck if he's one of the "top 5 qb's in the league"? that might be true...but he cant win the big one, or get his team there. Aaron Rodgers had a better year than Homo did, and he'd be ranked MUCH higher IMO, than your man HOMO. Plus, Rodgers doesn't have a great team, like the Cowboys did? No way does he have the wr's/RB/s they do in Dallas.

Stingy, he can't be one of the top 5 QBs in the league and suck at the same time. Do you even read what you type before you post one of these rants?

You have such an incredible hate on for so many athletes, in so many different sports, it makes reading your judgment of them useless. Is it a jealousy thing? Do you hate because they get huge amounts of money, are famous and adored by their fans, date the finest women?

**(that's probably it, isn't have a mental picture of Tony Romo donkey-punching Jessica Simpson and you hate him for doing it instead of you, right?)

**Sigh** from the Sunshine State....

So...what's your point? I was simply giving Romo the benefit of the doubt as a supposed "top 5 qb". I dont think he is...but thats my opinion. I actually dislike alot of folks who people put on pedestals.....yes,  I'm sure they're great, but still.

Yes, he got to DP Jessica Simpson...lucky fucker.:tongue: Plus, he's always smiling, why?

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