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 Posted: Thu Jan 21st, 2010 09:08 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: stingmark wrote: clawmaster wrote: stingmark wrote: HBF wrote:
Alot of guys, like Carson Palmer and Matt Hasselback, are getting by on reputation only. I never thought I'd rank Warner that high, but if I had to put my life on the line and have one of these QB's save it, that's how I'd draft 'em for this year at least.

That 5 TD, 400+ yd game he had a few weeks ago, and the fact that he's taken 2 different teams to a SB, is proof the guy can fucking play. Neither ST Louis, nor AZ would be dick right now if it weren't for Warner. Vice versa Im sure...but still, the guy can fucking play.

Warner had a bunch of help in St. Louis from this guy named Marshall Faulk. Maybe you've heard of him.

Yeah, cuz Faulk ran the offense? Faulk won them that SB? Doubtful.  Faulk was a big part of that offense in St Slouis, but, Faulk was there BEFORE Warner? and what did they do then? Give Warner the credit he's due...he's a damn good qb, and  is better than over half of the qb's in the league today, even @ 40.

I think Faulk came the same yr as Warner did, so that point is incorrect. and Warner started to tail off as Faulk started slowing down just saying in STL.

WOW, a good point from KK18. Warner & Faulk contributed hand and hand to each others success.