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 Posted: Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 03:10 pm
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brodiescomics wrote: stingmark wrote: krazykid18 wrote: I think Faulk came the same yr as Warner did, so that point is incorrect. and Warner started to tail off as Faulk started slowing down just saying in STL.

No, Faulk came in in '94 w/the Colts, where he did ok...then got traded to the Rams in '99. C'mon man...stp the Warner hate. Im not a Warner  bandwagin jumper, he's been good for a very long time. This guy was stocking shevles @ one time in his career. Then he's a starting qb, and leads 3 different teams to a SB , winning one. I dont know too many guys that have done that? Did you see what he did in that 1st rd game? not too many 40yr old qbs can do that.


Plus, from 2002-2006, Faulks production actually went DOWN, while Warner's has stayed up. Maybe not in NY? but what a resurgence in AZ?

For the record, Faulk was traded to the Rams after the 1998 season and became the starter in 1999. While technically signed by the Rams in 1998, Warner played in the NFL Europe league that year and became the backup during the 1999 season pre-season. The rest is history. Trent Green goes down in the pre-season an Faulk, Warner and the Rams go on to win the SB.

This actually brings up an interesting list possibility...which front line starting QB going down equated to the most success for both the team and the QB that replaced him? 

Warner coming in for Trent Green is a good example.

Jeff Hostetler coming in for Phil Simms is another, not quite so good example.  After all, Simms was having a decent year and the Giants were having an awesome season at the time Hoss came in.  However, I don't think Hoss ever would've gotten his starting chance with the Raiders had Simms not gone down.

Earl Morrall coming in for Bob Griese is another example, but it's closer to Hostetler/Simms.

Brady coming in for Bledsoe is the hands down winner of this list.

Any others?

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