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 Posted: Wed Jan 27th, 2010 02:45 am
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Filling in some partials. All of these are from the St. Petersburg or Tampa papers.

February 2, 1982 Tampa, FL (Fort Homer Hesterly Armory)
Dory Funk Jr. d. Mike Graham & Mr. Wrestling
Killer Karl Kox/Dick Murdoch/Jack Brisco/Jerry Brisco d. James J. Dillon/Terry Funk/Iron Sheik/David Von Erich (taped fists/brass knuckles)
Terry Allen d. (DQ) Iron Sheik
Butch Reed/Sweet Brown Sugar d. Mr. Fuchi/Mr. Onita
Mike Sharpe drew Eric Embry
Don Diamond d. Ron Davidson

I have Flair beating Graham. The wording of this doesn't rule that out because it sure doesn't sound correct. Results are printed this way in both the Tampa and St. Petersburg papers.

March 9, 1982 Tampa, FL (Fort Homer Hesterly Armory)
Bruce Reed d. Dory Funk Jr. (lumberjack)
Cyclone Negro/Avalanche Tyler/David Von Erich d. El Gran Apollo/Mike Graham/Sweet Brown Sugar
Jack Brisco/Jerry Brisco d. David Deaton/Joel Deaton
Kendo Nagasaki d. Terry Allen/Eddie Gilbert (martial arts allowed)
Brian Blair d. Mike Sharpe
Eric Embry drew Don Diamond

I assume the Nagasaki match was a handicap, considering both Allen and Gilbert would have been bottom of the card at this point.

I have Flair in Little Rock on this night.

March 16, 1982 Tampa, FL (Fort Homer Hesterly Armory)
Bruce Reed/Sweet Brown Sugar d. Ric Flair/Terry Funk (bounty match)
Mike Graham d. Dory Funk Jr. ($1,000 immediate disqualification match)
David Von Erich/Kerry Von Erich drew Jack Brisco/Jerry Brisco
James J. Dillon d. James Snyder
Kendo Nagasaki d. (DQ) Brian Blair (martial arts allowed)
Cyclone Negro/Avalanche Tyler d. El Gran Apollo/Mr. Wrestling II
Gary Draper d. Terry Allen

March 27, 1982 St. Petersburg, FL (Bayfront Center)
Ric Flair d. (DQ) Bruce Reed
Jerry Lawler d. (DQ) Kendo Nagasaki (karate is barred)
Sweet Brown Sugar d. Ray Stevens
Mr. Wrestling II d. James J. Dillon
Derek Draper d. Terry Allen
Avalanche Tyler drew Brian Blair
Mike Graham/Steve Keirn won a regional tag tournament

Ad says the other teams in the tournament were: Jack Brisco/Jerry Brisco, David Von Erich/Kerry Von Erich, Ole Anderson/Stan Hansen, Dory Funk Jr./Terry Funk

June 15, 1982 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes d. Ric Flair (bunkhouse)
David Von Erich d. (DQ) Dory Funk Jr.
Brian Blair won a 6-man elimination match
Chavo Guerrero d. Les Thornton
Bruce Reed/Sweet Brown Sugar d. Dick Rivers/Randy Rose
Tommy Wright d. Vinnie Valentino

September 25, 1982 Tampa, FL (Sun Dome)
Ric Flair DDQ Dusty Rhodes
Ron Bass/Bruce Reed d. (DQ) Kamala/John Studd
Brian Blair d. Bruiser Brody (9:04, James J. Dillon hits Brody with his shoe)
Mike Garvin/Jake Roberts d. Mike Graham/Barry Windham
Kevin Sullivan d. Kendo Nagasaki
Terry Allen d. Vic Rosettani

September 28, 1982 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes d. Terry Funk (lights out, I quit)
Ron Bass/Barry Windham d. Dory Funk Jr./Jake Roberts (Texas tornado)
Bob Backlund (WWF champion) d. King Kong Tonga
Jim Garvin d. Terry Allen
Kevin Sullivan d. The Texan
Sweet Brown Sugar d. Vic Rosettani
Angelo Mosca/John Studd d. Mike Graham/Bruce Reed

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