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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2007 09:33 pm
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I don't think they necessarily got in trouble recently, I just think that with certain movies there's some type of memo that goes around to every theater owner who then tells his minimum wage earners something along the lines of this "This is a really, really bad movie so if you have any doubt at all, card."  I say that because the Heartbreak Kid was playing last night too, and I don't think anyone was carded for that.  And in the past I've noticed this sort of thing only for particular movies, like "South Park", the only other time I've been carded at the theater.  So my point is, you have some idiot behind the counter who has no common sense and wants to make SURE she doesn't fuck up, so she over-cards to such a ridiculous degree that it causes a massive line for a movie that already has gotten a lot of hype and is sure to be very popular and have massive lines anyway. 

It just is a very small but telling experiment in why certain people have certain jobs.  It's not necessarily an intelligence issue since not being able to tell 31 from 16 isn't that type of issue.  It's a common sense and "Oh my God, I'm scared to think for myself and do anything wrong" type of issue.  Anyone that's had a real job, advanced to a management type of level, knows that a dozen decisions a day routinely have to be made that are borderline and sometimes might even break "company policy", but you do it for common sense reasons because business is business.  And people that are stuck in minimum wage jobs are paralyzed by the simplest judgment calls.  I just find that sort of thing interesting, I guess because I'm a recruiter and have to make judgment calls on a daily basis on who will and will not be a fit for certain jobs.

And aside from that, does anyone around my age remember years ago, when we were 10, 12, 14 years old just buying a ticket for an R-rated movie with no problem at all?  It was just "1 for Friday the 13th please" and boom, you're in and you haven't hit puberty yet.  What the fuck has happened to society?

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