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Nassau, Bahamas Cards for 1985

1/12/85  Nassau Stadium
Loser Leave the Bahamas for One Year- Sweet Brown Sugar and Dutch Mantell  vs.  Krusher Kruschev and Jim Knighthart
*Grudge- Jesse Barr  vs.  Brian Blair
The Saint  vs.  Pez Whatley
Dutch Mantell  vs.  Krusher Kruschev (Winner of this match picks the rules for the main event)

1/26/85  Nassau Stadium
Sweet Brown Sugar  vs.  Norvel Austin
Pistol Pez Whatley  vs.  Koko Ware
Jesse Barr  vs.  Brian Blair
Michael Hayes  vs.  Mike Golden

2/09/85  Nassau Stadium
The Freebirds  vs.  The Assassins
Sweet Brown Sugar  vs.  Rick Rude
Dutch Mantell  vs.  Rick Rude
*Pez Whatley  vs.  Boris Zuchov

2/23/85  Nassau Stadium
The Saint  vs.  Pez Whatley
Jesse Barr  vs.  Dutch Mantell
 Freebird Buddy Roberts  vs.  Rick Rude
Bill Irwin  vs.  Brian Blair

3/16/85  Nassau Stadium
Freebird Terry Gordy  vs.  Bugsy McGraw
Larry Hamilton and Mark Ragan  vs.  The Pretty Young Things
Plus two other matches

4/06/85  Nassau Stadium
Southern Title- Brian Blair  vs.  Rick Rude
Florida Title-  Jesse barr  vs.  Wahoo McDaniels
Hector Guerrero  vs.  Bill Irwin
Mike Golden  vs.  Larry Hamilton

5/04/85  Nassau Stadium
Southern Title; Lumberjack- Ravishing Rick Rude  vs.  Brian Blair
Kevin Sullivan  vs.  Blackjack Mulligan
Florida Title- Jesse Barr  vs.  Jay Youngblood
Hector Guerrero  vs.  Jack Hart

6/01/85  Nassau Stadium
Southern  title-  Rick Rude  vs.  Brian Blair
Black Jack Mulligan  vs.  Hercules Hernandez
Rip Rogers  vs.  Robert (Bubba) Douglas
Scott McGhee  vs.  Jack Hart

7/13/85  Nassau Stadium
Wahoo McDaniels  vs.  Rip Rogers
Billy Jack Haynes  vs.  Hercules Hernandez
Kendall Windham  vs.  Jack Hart
Tiger Conway Jr.  vs.  The Grappler (Len Denton)

8/10/85  Nassau Stadium
Wahoo McDaniel and Lady Maxine  vs.  Rip Rogers and Miss Brenda
Southern Title- Rick Rude  vs.  Tiger Conway Jr.
Fla. Title- Jack Hart  vs.  Cocoa Samoa
Scott McGhee  vs.  The Grappler 

8/23/85  Nassau Stadium
Southern Title- Rick Rude
Fla. Title-  Hack Hart  vs.  hector Guerrero
Cocoa Samoa  vs.  Rip Rogers
Kendal Windham  vs.  Rip Oliver

10/12/85  Nassau Stadium
Billy Hack Haynes  vs.  Abdullah the Butcher
Bahamas Title- Playboy Buddy Rose  vs.  Pez Whatley
Kendall Windham  vs.  Kevin Sullivan
Tyree Pride  vs.  Bob Roop

10/18/85  Nassau Stadium
Bahamas Title- Playboy Buddy Rose lost title to "Haitian Pride" Tyree Pride
Blackjack Mulligan and Kendall Windham  vs.  kevin Sullivan and Bob Roop
E.R.A. Match- Percy Pringle  vs.  Lady Maxine
Hector Guerrero  vs.  The Cuban Assassin

11/08/85  Nassau Stadium
Bahamas Title- Tyree Pride  vs.  Kevin Sullivan
Barry and Kendall Windham  vs.  Purple Haze (Mark Lewin) and Bob Roop
Lady Maxine  vs.  Peggy lee Pringle
Frank Lane  vs.  Prince Iaukea

11/23/85  Nassau Stadium
Bahamas Title- Tyree Pride  vs.  The Cuban Assassin
Mike Graham and Bobby Wales  vs.  Prince Iaukea and Jack Hart
Blackjack Mulligan  vs.  Purple Haze
Cocoa Samoa  vs.  Lex Luger


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