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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2007 10:19 pm
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Anyone that's had a real job, advanced to a management type of level, knows that a dozen decisions a day routinely have to be made that are borderline and sometimes might even break "company policy", but you do it for common sense reasons because business is business.  And people that are stuck in minimum wage jobs are paralyzed by the simplest judgment calls.  I just find that sort of thing interesting, I guess because I'm a recruiter and have to make judgment calls on a daily basis on who will and will not be a fit for certain jobs.

Not sure it's that simple. As a General manager in the restaurant industry I worked for some people (District Managers) that could get away with anything they wanted.

I latched onto another company and got promoted to a District Manager. I eventually got laid off as part of a budget cut. A few days after I was laid off one of the District Managers (still employed there) was calling me for advice on how to handle certain situations.

Bottomline: I was the more experienced person. I was also producing better results. My tits and ass weren't as pleasant to the owner (50+ year old man)

It can depend on who you work for and if you are "in good with them". There are just other pieces to things.