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 Posted: Sat Jan 30th, 2010 04:56 pm
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Ron wrote:
@carlton st

What do you have for the entire card for:

June 14, 1962.  I am curious what match took place or who subbed for Stasiak.  Who faced Ray Gordon?

Steve Stanlee took on Ray Gordon on 06/14, Stasiak returned to Toronto on the next card 06/21 so may have been advertised, dont have the clip for that one

that date - June 12 -may be confused with the July 12 1962 card with the Rogers/Sammartino main (with Stasiak vs Gordon),  have seen the ad online erroneously labeled as June 12 when it is July 12 , you have the July 12 above Stasiak vs Gordon which is  correct

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