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 Posted: Sat Jan 30th, 2010 05:36 pm
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1/3/63 St Louis
Killer Kowalski beat Johnny Valentine
Ed Carpentier beat Rip Hawk
John Paul Henning beat Stan Stasiak in 40 seconds
Duke Keomuka & Taro Myaki beat Joe Tangaro & Johnny Weaver
Cowboy Bradley beat Tiny Roe
The Mask beat Tarzan Tyler
Rock Hunter drew Ray Gordon
Penny Banner & Evelyn Stevens & Judy Glover beat Ann Regan & Jessica Rogers & Kathy Starr

1/18/63 St Louis
Pat O'Connor beat Lou Thesz dq
Death match
Johnny Valentine beat Killer Kowalski
John Paul Henning beat The Mask (unmasked as Pepper Martin)
Stan Stasiak beat Roy Collins
Duke Keomuka & Taro Myaki beat Ray Gordon & Jesse James
The Alaskan beat Gene Barrett in 53 seconds

5/10/63 St Louis
John Paul Henning & Johnny Valentine beat Dick the Bruiser & Fritz Von Erich
Big Bill Miller beat Joe Blanchard
Jackie Fargo beat Lorenzo Parente in 26 seconds
Rip Hawk beat Tim Geohagen
Ray Gordon drew Stan Stasiak
Bill Dromo beat Farmer Marlin
Pepper Martin beat Roy Collins

6/15/63 St Louis
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Bill Miller
Dick the Bruiser no contest Fritz Von Erich
Bob Ellis & John Paul Henning beat Rip Hawk & Rock Hunter
Taro Myaki beat Tim Geohagen
Jessica Rogers beat Mars Monroe
Joe Blanchard drew Stan Stasiak
Jackie Fargo beat Pepper Martin

8/23/63 St Louis
Fritz Von Erich beat Pat O'Connor
John Paul Henning beat Bill Miller
Joe Blanchard & Bob Ellis beat Rock Hunter & Stan Stasiak
Ray Gordon drew Angelo Poffo
Bobby Graham beat Roy Collins
Doug Lindsey beat Danny Dusek

9/20/63 St Louis
Fritz Von Erich beat John Paul Henning
Joe Blanchard & Bob Ellis & Pat O'Connor beat Rip Hawk & Bill Miller & Stan Stasiak
Karl Gotch beat Angelo Poffo
Maurice LaPointe drew Bobby Graham
Reggie Parks beat Danny Dusek
Farmer Marlin beat Larry Williams

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