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June 8, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling

Billy Red Lyons beat Sterner Schultz
Bruno Sammartino & Domenic DeNucci beat Johnny Fargo &Jim Grabmire
Stan Stasiak beat Billy Fontana
George Steele & Baron Scicluna beat Johnny DeFazio & Al Schiller
Pete Sancxhez beat Miranda


June 14, 1974 Erie, PA

Dominic DeNucci vs George Steele

Stan Stasiak & Baron Scicluna vs Johnny DeFazio & Billy Red Lyons

Chris Tolos vs Billy Fontana

Erik the Red vs The Executioner

Pete Sanchaez vs Hans Schultz


June 15, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling

The Executioner beat Sterner Schultz
Domenic DeNucci beat Jim Grabmire
George Steele & Baron Scicluna beat Billy Red Lyons & Billy Fontana
Stan Stasiak beat Al Schiller
Johnny Fargo and Pete Sanchez drew


June 22, 1974 Midland, PA

10 Man Battle royal w/ Stan Stasiak, Dominic DeNucci, Baron Scicluna


June 22, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling

Billy Red Lyons beat The Red Demon
Stan Stasiak beat Frank Holtz via COR
George Steele &Baron Scicluna beat Pete Sanchez & Billy Fontana
Eric the Red and Johnny DeFazio drew


July 6, 1974 New Castle, PA
10 MaN battle Royal

Dominin DeNucci vs  Stan Stasiak 

Billy red Lyons-Baron Scicluna-Johnny DeFazio-Eric the Red-Billy Fontana-Terry Yorkston-Executioner-Frank Holtz-Pete Sanchez

[b] [/b]

[b]July 6, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

The Executioner vs. Frank Holtz ended "NO CONTEST"
Stan Stasiak and Billy Red Lyons drew
Eric the Red vs. Johnny DeFazio ended "NO CONTEST"


[b]July 13, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Johnny DeFazio beat The Executioner via DQ
Stan Stasiak beat Miranda
Domenic DeNucci beat Sterner Schultz[b][/b]


[b]July 27, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA[/b]

Dominic DeNucci vs Stan Stasiak

22 Man Battle Royal


[b]July 27, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

The Executioner beat Terry Yorkston
Stan Stasiak beat Billy Fontana
Mr. Fuji beat Miranda
Pete Sanchez & Johnny DeFazio beat Cowboy Parker & Sterner Schultz


[b]August 3, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Jim Grabmire beat Billy Fontana
Stan Stasiak beat Frank Holtz via COR
Billy Red Lyons/Pete Sanchez beat Baron Scicluna/Cowboy Parker
Mr. Fuji beat The Masked Ram


[b]August 9, 1974 Erie, PA                                                                 [/b]                                                                          Stan Stasiak vs Dominic DeNucci                                                                                                                                        Johnny DeFazio vs Mr Fuji                                                                                                                                                    Baron Scicluna & Cowboy Parker vs Billy Red Lyons & Pete Sanchez


[b]August 10, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]               

The Executioner and Steve Bolus drew
Pete Sanchez beat Jim Grabmire
Billy Red Lyons beat Stan Stasiak via COR
Domenic DeNucci beat Baron Scicluna via DQ
Mr. Fuji beat Billy Fontana


[b]August 17, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Steve Bolus & Frank Holtz beat Cowboy Parker & Masked Ram
Domenic DeNucci beat Terry Yorkston
Mr. Fuji beat Tony Simon
Billy Fontana beat Roger Francouer
Janet Doyle beat Lisa Ramone
Stan Stasiak and Pete Sanchez drew


[b]August 31, 1974 Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Mike Muscotto beat Jack Vansky
Steve Bolus beat Al Hayes
Lisa Ramone beat Janet Doyle
Billy Red Lyons beat Al Schiller
Stan Stasiak beat Karl Von Schultz

[b]September 7, 1974 Kittaning, PA [/b]
Stan Stasiak beat  Dominic DeNucci via DQ[code]
Pete Sanchez beat Mr. Fuji via DQ

Jim Grabmire beat Jack Vansky

Pretty Boy Billy Fontana beat  Executioner via DQ

Steve Bolos beat Terry Yokston

Johnny Defazio & Billy Red Lyons beat Baron Scicluna & Larry Sharpe via DQ


[b]September 14, 1974  Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Stan Stasiak beat Roiger Francouer
Domenic DeNucci beat Karl Von Schultz
Larry Sharpe and Billy Fontana drew
Baron Scicluna/Louie Cerdan beat Pete Sanchez/The Executioner via COR
Steve Bolus beat The Ram



[b]September 21, 1974 East Liverpool, OH[/b]

Tony Parisi & Dominic DeNucci & Billy Red Lyons vs Stan Stasiak & Mr Fuji & Baron Scicluna

Pete Sanchez vs Larry Sharpe

Johnny DeFazio vs Billy Fontana



[b]September 28, 1974  Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Manuel Soto & Pete Sanchez beat The Executioner & Karl Von Schultz
Domenic DeNucci vs. Mr. Fuji ended "NO CONTEST"
Tony Parisi beat Ron Martinelli
Baron Scicluna &Louie Cerdan beat Billy Red Lyons & Eugene Sando
Stan Stasiak beat Mario Fraterolli



[b]October 5, 1974  Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling[/b]

Baron Scicluna & Louie Cerdan beat Steve Bolus & Red Hawk
Stan Stasiak beat Ron Martinelli
Mr. Fuji beat Eddie DeJesus
Tony Parisi beat Karl Von Schultz
Billy Red Lyons beat Larry Sharpe[b][/b]


[b] [/b]

[b]October 19, 1974 Pittsburgh TV[/b]                                                                                                                                         Stan Stasiak beat Tommy Young                                                                                                                                         Pete Sanchez & Manuel Soto beat Larry Sharpe & Karl von Sholtz                                                                     Tony Parisi & Billy Red Lyons DDQ vs Baron Scicluna & Louis Cerdan                                                   Mario Fraterolli beat Red Hawk                                                                                                                                        The Executioner beat Eugene Sando


[b]Oct. 26, 1974 —Pittsburgh TV  [/b]
Kurt von Hess & Otto von Heller beat. The Executioner & The Ram, 7:55
Eric the Red beat. Terry Yorkston, 4:00
Steve Bolus beat. Tommy Young, spinning toe hold
Manuel Soto, Johnny DeFazio & Pete Sanchez beat. Baron Scicluna, Larry Sharpe & Bull Johnson, 10:00
Stan Stasiak beat. Tony Simon, 1:25

[b]November 2, 1974 Pittsburgh TV[/b]

Stan Stasiak beat Terry Yorkston
Otto Von Heller & Kurt Von Hess beat Mario Fraterolli & Tony Simon
Steve Bolus beat Bull Johnston
Baron Scicluna &Eric the Red beat The Executioner  & Tony Young
Mr. Fuji and Johnny DeFazio drew






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