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 Posted: Wed Feb 24th, 2010 09:02 pm
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Count Grog wrote: srossi wrote: Count Grog wrote: srossi wrote: Count Grog wrote: beejmi wrote: Count Grog wrote: Lew Thes = boring
Partially that too that era isn't the best in terms of "action" then you have people fawning all over it

Gorgeous George was colorful, Antonino Rocca was entertaining, the Duseks were a riot.  There were some guys with charisma and flair.  Not all 60 minute arm bar matches.

I'd love someone to start a WC thread about how Rocca was so much better than Thesz.


I am on it

Make it good.  You and Carpetbegger are all tied up.  :) 

I couldn't go too over board but I doubt it will stay up there long any way.

I just viewed it.  Suicide watch has started for CM. 

The other thing that got me pissed were people in their 20's kneeling before thy Great Crimson Mask and slobbering all over their words of praise for Thez, and they probably never even seen a picture of the guy.   They could not pick him out of a line-up of old rasslers, but they just "knew" he was greater than all other champions, because they listened to CM's stupid ass shooter stories.

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