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 Posted: Wed Feb 24th, 2010 09:41 pm
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I think Chernau knows about the carny nature of it all. Nulty and Mike Chapman are way, way more butthurt about their illusions

You guys do know that the moviereels that were used in cinemas were basically highlight reels? Highspots anno 1930 so to speak. No holds, just "action"

Thats like criticising guys like CM Punk for doing indy 60 minute draws by using ROH music videos as an evidence

(Bix, this is a reason why I think that Babinsack is a fucking retard re: his Roland Barthes criticism/hackery)

And the best thing is, those movie reel companies thought that the viewer would get bored after 3 minutes of wrestling highspots. So nothing changed in the last 80 years