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 Posted: Fri Feb 26th, 2010 06:15 pm
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BuddyPSHayes wrote: Aside from all the WC worship, Thesz was a arrogant fucker who thought his shit didn't stink cause he was a "hooker". Yet he wound up as a $300 a week midcarder for Nick Gulas.

I've only been exposed to a small number of clips so I don't really have any opinion of his work, but in every "shoot" interview I've seen he's basically of the opinion that anybody who can't wrestle, shoot, hook, or whatever isn't worth a shit no matter how much money they've drawn. To me he came across as a total jerkweed that thought he was superior to all the "performers/non-wrestlers" just because he could be an ass and snap your neck if he wanted to. He was a douchebag of the highest order, which I think is a big reason Mask loves him, being one himself.

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