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 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 05:55 pm
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This is quite an interesting thread so I thought I'd make a few comments. Lou Thesz was the best wrestler I've ever seen and that includes Vern Gagne, Pat o' Connor and Edwardo Carpentier. It was easy to suspend your disbelief when Thesz was in action. I urge everyone to obtain a copy of the Lou Thesz-Buddy Rogers match when they went to a 60 minute draw at the International Amphitheater in Chicago around 1952. Rogers was in his prime them and used a wide assortment of wrestling moves in combination with his rough tactics. He was infinitely better in this match than when he won the NWA title from Pat O' Connor at Comiskey Park in Chicago. Even in a worked sport like pro wrestling, it was easy to see that his skills had eroded from when he was active in the 40's and 50's. And I do disagree with Thesz who also denigrated Roger's wrestling ability. Rogers was quite skilled in the ring but not so much in the 60's. As to Argentina Rocca, he was quite agile and vastly entertaining especially in the 50's. But I've never seen a wrestler lose it as badly as Rocca did when he wrestled in the 60's. He was slow and horrible in the ring. Even Thesz and Gagne aged badly as I witnessed a match between them at the International Amphitheater in Chicago when Gagne was the AWA champ. This, in the mid sixties, turned out to be a fiasco ending in a no contest. Compare this match to the 1950 encounter at the Amphitheater that resulted in a 60 minute draw. No comparison between these bouts at all. I've always found it quite interesting that, even in a worked sport like pro wrestling, you can always see when a wrestler is losing his skills. For example, look at Nick Bockwinkle at the end of his career in the AWA. Absolutely dreadful. I noticed a lot of the fans found the 1950 style wrestling boring which is understandable considering you were born during the Vince McMahon era. In my opinion, McMahon has absolutely ruined the sport of pro wrestling. You could take in seriously in the 50's but not any more. Look at the Raw show last night. Perhaps 5 minutes of wrestling in the last hour and 10 minutes including the over-run. (I don't count that ridiculous pillow fight as wrestling.) The sad thing is that every other organization imitates the WWE style including every indy fed and the much hyped ROH. And I don't think we're in for an improvement in the future.