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 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2010 09:27 pm
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That was a good comment regarding Nick Bockwinkle. He was quite impressive when he wrestled Curt Hennig to a 60 minute draw. But his last AWA run in 1987 wasn't very good. I must admit that he wrestled a good match against Dory Funk Jr. in an old WCW pay per view. I think they went to a 30 minute draw. There was quite an interesting story as to why Lou Thesz never had any use for Buddy Rogers as a wrestler. (Maybe the clawmaster can confirm this, but I believe the only time Rogers ever went over on Thesz was in an early 1950's match that took place in Texas. Rogers regained the Texas title by winning the match.) At any rate, one theory regarding the fact that Thesz didn't like Rogers stems from an event that took place towards the end of WWII. Thesz was in the army and Rogers was the top dog in a wrestling territory at the time. (Sorry, I forgot which territory it was.) Thesz was on furlough and was scheduled to wrestle Rogers over the weekend. Because it was only for one match, Rogers was booked to go over in the match. Rogers picked up Thesz at the train station and they started talked about the forthcoming match. Thesz mentioned that Strangler Lewis was going to be the guest referee. Rogers said something to the effect about why should they have that old has been as the ref. Get rid of him and they'll be more money for us. This infuriated Thesz who told Rogers that, if it hadn't been for wrestlers like Strangler Lewis, Rogers would still be pounding the beat in Camden, N.J. Well Rogers realized that he had made a mistake and told Thesz he was only kidding but Thesz didn't buy the excuse. Thesz had the booker change the outcome to a "broadway" 60 minute draw and during the match, Thesz drove Rogers crazy by wrestling faster and faster and whispering into Roger's ear in German to quicken the pace, etc. I understand that many years later, the two managed to reconcile their differences. Ric Flair may have been a talented wrestler, but he never had the talent and charisma of the original Nature Boy.