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Still controversial to this day! When someone asked him about that loss to Buddy Rogers,  he said that it was hard to remember the outcome of all the matches he was in. As some of the other people have reported, Thesz didn't think too much about most of the wrestlers he competed against. Surprisingly, he did say that Gorgeous George was a good wrestler. Indeed, George Wagner did have a strong amateur background. I was surprised when Thesz said that Wilbur Snyder was a great athlete, but not a great wrestler. There used to be a show on in the 50's that was carried by CBS on Saturday afternoons. One wrestling match over the course of the hour show. It was most disappointing that our Chicago affiliate chose not to run the program. Because of the one hour show, the matches were scheduled for a 48 minute time limit. (commercials, etc.) Thesz and Snyder wrestled twice on that show, both times the result was a 48 minute draw. Thesz also wrestled Pat O' Connor to a 48 minute draw on that CBS show. When Wilbur Snyder moved his base of operations from southern California to the Chicago area, he had a famous confrontation with Lou Thesz on the old Dumont wrestling show out of Marigold on Saturday night. The previous night, Thesz had defended his NWA title against Hans Schmidt (Guy La Rose) at the International Amphitheater. The match wound up in a no contest. The next night, at Marigold, Thesz was scheduled to wrestle Ed Farhat (The Sheik) but Farhat was a no show. So Fred Kohler substituted Wilbur Snyder. Thesz at first refused to wrestle Snyder stating that the contract was between him and The Sheik. Then, grudgingly, he agreed to wrestle Snyder but only with a 10 minute time limit instead of 60 minutes. After a few minutes of negotiations, he reluctantly agreed to wrestle Snyder with a 30 minute time limit. And, yes, the match indeed went the distance with a hard fought draw. I remember that Thesz got the "Thesz press" (Thesz simply called the hold a flying body scissors.) on Snyder but Snyder got his shoulder up at the count of two. A few weeks later, in another televised match, Snyder beat Vern Gagne to win the TV title. The end came when Gagne body slammed Snyder several times but Snyder reversed one of them into a small package for the win. Gagne refused to give the belt to Snyder but finally gave it to him in the dressing room. You can watch one of their many rematches on You Tube. Scheduled for one fall 45 minute, it ended in about 32 minutes with a double count out. 32 minutes!!! That's about three weeks of Raw wrestling! (Sorry, guys, I had to throw that one in.) And, by the way, thanks to everyone welcoming me to the board.