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 Posted: Thu Mar 11th, 2010 05:30 pm
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Count Grog wrote: Looking for a Feb 1985 result from Raleigh, NC - Steamboat vs Wahoo (actually I think Steamboat won by DQ looking for date)
Well by just glancing at his other results and the order of towns wrestled in it looks like Raleigh was usually every week.
There's a listing for him there on Jan. 9, 1985, then the next Raleigh card was Jan. 16, 1985. That is the last listing for Raleigh with him.
So, going with that pattern of every Wednesday night, the dates for Raleigh in February( and the rest of January too), 1985 are as follows:

He finished up with Crockett at the end of February I believe and started with the WWF at the first of March.
Now the only one of the above dates that has a Steamboat match listed here is Feb.20, which was actually against Wahoo McDaniel(who it looks like he did the honors for on his way out of the NWA). This match took place in Pittsburgh, PA. It also says he was in Washington on the 24th and Philly on the 28th so I doubt the Feb.20th, Pittsburgh match is a typo and not suppossed to be say, Raleigh. It looks like Crockett did a tour of some of the big Northeastern/North Central cities during the end of February.
Can anyone confirm that they did run Raleigh, NC every Wednesday night?
They could have been running the A shows in the cities of Pittsburgh, Washington and Philly on Wednesday night and the B show could have been in Raleigh. Anyone have something else they can add?

*EDIT-Do we have a Wahoo McDaniel results thread started here that we can try cross-referencing?

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