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 Posted: Thu Mar 11th, 2010 11:30 pm
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dbaker3179 wrote: Grog is actually correct.

On 2/21/85 in Raleigh, Ricky Steamboat beat Wahoo McDaniel by DQ.

Either on January 31 or February 7, they switched Raleigh from Wednesdays to Thursdays, probably because of the new East Coast tour cities.

I have a Wahoo results from 02/07 in Raleigh.  The 01/31 card is still missing.

Cool, so I take it that must be the match Grog was looking for.
So Grog is it the Feb.21, 1985 match the one you were looking for the result for?
If so great job dbaker. See guys we seem to add or correct something everyday. Awesome!