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 Posted: Tue Mar 30th, 2010 04:36 am
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3/29/56 Milwaukee, WI @ South Side Armory
Dick Afflis beat Seymour Koenig
Jim Bernard beat Len Rossi
Dave Jons beat Zack Malkov

4/5/56 Milwaukee, WI @ South Side Armory
Antonino Rocca beat Tony Ross 2-0
Gypsy Joe & Rudy Kay beat Don DeCortez & Herry Lewis 2/3
Dave Jons beat Jim Bernard 2/3

5/17/56 Ottawa Auditorium
Edouard Carpentier vs Fred Atkins
Frank Valois vs Carl Engstrom
Larry Moquin vs Jim Bernard
Al Tucker vs Steve Gob

11/1/56 Toledo, OH @ Sports Arena
Juan Spindola & Black Panther beat Prince Omar & Jack Steel 2/3
Mystery Man beat Jim Bernard
Bill Fox beat Buck Lipscomb

2/2/57 Reading, PA @ Armory
Skull Murphy vs Karl Von Hess
Don Stevens & Wildman Fargo vs Jackie Nichols & Arnold Skaaland
Charlie Robinson vs Cowboy Rocky Lee
Count Rossi vs Jim Bernard

3/2/57 Reading, PA @ Armory
Ricki Starr vs Al Smith
Doc Daganero vs Cowboy Rocky Lee
Chief Big Heart vs Charlie Robinson
Jim Bernard vs Gene DuBuque
The Mountaineer vs Jose Rodriguez

5/29/57 Montreal Mount St. Louis Gym
Don Eagle beat Frank Valois COR
Sky Low Low & Fuzzy Cupid drew Little Beaver & Tiny Tim
Andre Bollet beat Jim Bernard
Johnny Rougeau drew Mike Paidousis

10/9/57 Montreal
Killer Kowalski & Dick Afflis beat Pat O'Connor & Bobby Managoff dq
Manuel Cortez beat Gene Dubuque
Tarzan Zorra beat Frank Valois
Ovila Asselin drew Eddie Auger
Larry Moquin drew Jim Bernard

10/6/58 Montreal
Wladek Kowalski beat Claude Dassary COR
Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe drew Paul Baillargeon & Johnny Rougeau
Larry Moquin beat Joe Christie dq
Frank Valois beat Sammy Berg
Jim Bernard beat Sandor Kovacs

10/13/58 Montreal
Edouard Carpentier & Pat O'Connor & Claude Dassary beat Wladek Kowalski & Ben Sharpe & Mike Sharpe
Handicap Match
Country Boy Calhoun beat Mr. Moto & Mr. Hito dq
Johnny Rougeau beat Jack Terry
Andre Bollet beat Jim Bernard dq

10/20/58 Montreal
Wladek Kowalski drew Edouard Carpentier
Paul Baillargeon drew Claude Dassary
Whipper Billy Watson beat Frank Valois
Gene Kiniski beat Billy "Red" Lyons
Larry Moquin beat Jim Bernard dq
Don Eagle beat Bob "Legs" Langevin

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