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 Posted: Tue Mar 30th, 2010 02:28 pm
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1/31/57 Washington DC
Antonino Rocca vs Cowboy Rocky Lee 2/3 60:00
Karl Von Hess vs Skull Murphy
Verne Gagne vs Al Smith
Ricki Starr vs Soldier Barry
Wildman Fargo & Don Stevens vs Arnold Skaaland & Big Jim Bernard

2/14/57 Washington DC
Ricki Starr vs Skull Murphy
Jackie Nichols vs Karl Von Hess 2/3
Carlos Rodrigues vs Lou Klein
Cowboy Rocky Lee vs Big Jim Bernard
Little Red Feather & Tito Infante vs Sky Low Low & Bull Drummond

3/7/57 Washington DC
Ricki Starr vs Karl Von Hess
Dick Afflis vs Big Jim Bernard
Jerry Graham vs Great Scott
Wildman Fargo & Wildman Stevens vs Jackie Nichols & Chief Big Heart
Reyes Rodriguez vs Soldier Barry

3/21/57 Washington DC
Ricki Starr beat Skull Murphy 15:00
Chief Big Heart beat Jim Bernard
Dr Jerry Graham beat Len Rossi
Miguel Perez beat Larry Simon
Arnold Skaaland beat Jackie Wilson (sub Oyama Kato)
Paul Bunyan was sceduled to make an appearance

3/28/57 Washington DC
Wildman Fargo & Wildman Stevens beat Aldo Venturi & Jackie Nichols
Oyama Kato beat Big Jim Bernard
Dick Afflis beat Jackie Wilson
Cowboy Rocky Lee beat Jesse James
Jerry Graham beat Chief Big Heart

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
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