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 Posted: Sun Apr 4th, 2010 04:55 am
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DaNkinator wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: stingmark wrote: C.C. Milani wrote: I hate to tell you this Bud, but 11-5 is a lot more fun than 6-10. Giving up McNabb for a 2nd isn't going to help your d-line immediately, if at all.

In this case sports mirrors real life, where the worst decisions are born out of frustration.

Very good point.

I'll also say....they've needed a RELIABLE rb and wr's for years now....and yet, no matter what happens, it's always McNabb's fault somehow? I found that fascinating. Westbrook is garbage, and has been for some time. Which is why, so many teams have passed on him, and he's still a FA(I believe). Plus, I cant name one of their WR's, can you?


No running game. no wr's,no defense....yep, it's McNabbs fault.

Do You even watch Football? Westbrook CARRIED that team for several years, that's why He's " garbage" now.He was the main threat on that team not McNabb. He got so beat up from all of the punishment that He's taken over the years, He became injury prone. Sometimes I wonder if You are KK18 the Second.

Yeah, I have to agree here and wonder if you even watch any other team besides those shitty Lions of yours that you think someone like Westbrook is garbage?

You couldn't be any more wrong.  Was he elite?  No.  Was he a lot better than average?  Hell yes he was.

But because they depended on the running game so much because of his ability to deliver, he took a shit load of punishment and has had numerous concussions.

Seriously dude, educate yourself at least a little bit before spouting off the ridiculous shit you're posting...

Im not saying then...Im  saying he's garbage now......or, he'd still be there? and wouldnt still be available on the FA market? Now? he's garbage, as he's been injured way too much. No question he's been an integral part of the Iggles for some time.

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