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 Posted: Sun Apr 4th, 2010 05:04 am
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: Fontes killed Ware, Kramer, and Peete. Harrington was surrounded by shit, but everyone thought he was surrounded by stars. That was the biggest knock on the guy. Then when he was gone everyone found out Williams, Williams, Rogers, and Jones sucked. To be fair, everyone knew the O-line sucked.

Best of the bunch.. I totally agree. I said, he was surrounded by GARBAGE his entire tenure in Detroit. By the time  Matt Moron/Rod decided to try to fix it, so he could actually be decent? he was a memory, and complete garbage by then.

Call me crazy, but if your #1 weapon is (garbage) Az Hakim as WR(an at best 5th wr on any other team, not named Detroit), you're in SERIOUS trouble. The Rams didnt think he was vg either, which is why he couldnt crack their top 3 WR's every week.

Matt Moron thought enough of him, to sign him to some ridiculous contract, we couldnt gte out of, so he stayed here and stunk up the palce, as only garbage can.

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