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 Posted: Sun Apr 4th, 2010 02:54 pm
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stingmark wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: stingmark wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote:  god in some fans eyes in Detroit.......

They blame McNabb, and rightly so, for choking in the big games. He doesn't show up when it matters. Eagles fans want championships, not just playoff appearances.

What "big games" hasn't he stepped up in exactly? he's taken you farther any other Eagles QB in the history of the franchise. He's "stepped up" in alot of those games...other players have not. I agree with another poster...Reid's a major problem for them. And they're dead on: Mcnabb leaves...goodbye to your Eagles being any sort of good for the next 3-5 years, possibly longer.

Keep this in mind: If Kolb were any good, he'd have been the starter already, and not stuck behind Vick.

Psst.... Kolb is the # 2 QB.  McNabb has been in 5 NFC championship games and have won 1. He has played shall I'll say" not so good" in these games, and I'm saying this as a McNabb fan.  When the pressure mounts, He hasn't come up big at all. His Interception to TD rate goes way up as well.

Psst...again, what games hasn't he stepped up in exactly? w/o him, you wouldnt have even made it to 1 NFC title game, nor that SB appearance?

He's played 16 Playoff Games with a record of  9-7

His stats overall in these games:   341/577  3752 yards  24TD 17INT 59.1% 80 QB Rating.

If You see these stats, You would think that They are pretty good, but His Career Int's go way up in the post season compared to His regular season stats. He got ALOT of these Yards in " Prevent Defense" mode. I know this because I have watched every single Eagles game since McNabb has became an Eagle. In 2 of the NFC Championship games at home against Tampa & Carolina, He was downright horrible. The Arizona game He played great, the Atlanta game They were ahead the whole game, so He didn't pass alot, and The Rams game, They had a very conserative Offensive game plan, and He still was under 50% completion rating. In the Super Bowl, He played decent and had " big" numbers, but still had 3INT's with those 3TD's

His numbers might look good, unless You watch every play of every game ( like most Eagles fans do).  When the pressure is on, He seems to shrink and disappear when You need Him the most. Eagle fans are tired of it ( even Fans like myself who has been an McNabb backer since day 1) and think it's time to move on.