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 Posted: Sun Apr 4th, 2010 02:59 pm
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stingmark wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: stingmark wrote: C.C. Milani wrote: I hate to tell you this Bud, but 11-5 is a lot more fun than 6-10. Giving up McNabb for a 2nd isn't going to help your d-line immediately, if at all.

In this case sports mirrors real life, where the worst decisions are born out of frustration.

Very good point.

I'll also say....they've needed a RELIABLE rb and wr's for years now....and yet, no matter what happens, it's always McNabb's fault somehow? I found that fascinating. Westbrook is garbage, and has been for some time. Which is why, so many teams have passed on him, and he's still a FA(I believe). Plus, I cant name one of their WR's, can you?


No running game. no wr's,no defense....yep, it's McNabbs fault.

Do You even watch Football? Westbrook CARRIED that team for several years, that's why He's " garbage" now.He was the main threat on that team not McNabb. He got so beat up from all of the punishment that He's taken over the years, He became injury prone. Sometimes I wonder if You are KK18 the Second.

He has? through all of his concussions? he himself has carried the entire team to 5 NFC titles, and a SB? He's done so much for them, they've released him, and another team has yet to pick him up.

You would pick up a 30+ Running Back with Concussion problems the First day He was released due to Them? I know that You aren't that stupid. If You asked ANY Defensive Coordinator during the time Westbrook was an Eagle, until last year, He was the most feared Offensive weapon that They have. This alone proves that You don't watch Football because if You did, You would hear all of the Announcers say this during every broadcast.  Westbrook wasn't a factor during the First NFC Championship season, due to Him being basically a Rookie.