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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2010 01:00 am
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beejmi wrote: If I were trading a player I'd take the best deal, regardless of who it was coming from.

There are so many mixed emotions here. He's a winner so why move him in favor of the unknown? But it's time for a change also (McNabb has had 11 years and at this point will he ever win it all?) - and we have this supposed stud Kolb riding the bench ala Aaron Rodgers or is he?

It comes down to what you get for him if you move him. What if you can't get "value" for him. If you have NcNabb/Kolb/Vick all in their last year of their contract you have tied your own hands in terms of what you will get as everybody knows you are moving at least one guy.

I do believe that McNabb will hold a Super Bowl trophy one day - but I'd be surprised if it was he and Andy Reid holding it up together.

WIP will need a new switchboard after tomorrow. A Guy on a Philly Sports board that I belong to,  said that Yesterday McNabb would be traded either Sunday Night or Monday Morning, according to someone He knows in the Front Office,  to try to steal some of the Phillies opening day thunder. I guess He was right. It's a damn shame that the McNabb era is over. Good luck in D.C. #5!