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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2010 10:47 pm
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Just my mock draft.

Bradford will be the first pick. . Suh would be the first pick but Rams cut Bulger today . A line of Suh/Carriker/Long would be tough on offensive lines.

Lions and Bucs draft best players available in draft
Lions -Suh
Buc- McCoy

Redskins need to protect McNabb so they get Okung

KC and seattle also need o-line help they draft
KC-Anthony Davis
sea-Trent Williams

Browns ,I don't know what Holmgren is thinking but best player left is safety Eric Berry

Raiders- Heywood-Bey was a bust last year and Al davis is an idiot. He drafts WR Dez Bryant

Bills.- I can see OL Bruce Campbell but I say spot goes to Clausen

Jacksonville-horrible on pass defensive so Haden or Mayes end up here


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