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 Posted: Tue Apr 6th, 2010 04:29 am
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Benlen wrote: Just my mock draft.

Bradford will be the first pick. . Suh would be the first pick but Rams cut Bulger today . A line of Suh/Carriker/Long would be tough on offensive lines.

Lions and Bucs draft best players available in draft
Lions -Suh
Buc- McCoy

Redskins need to protect McNabb so they get Okung

KC and seattle also need o-line help they draft
KC-Anthony Davis
sea-Trent Williams

Browns ,I don't know what Holmgren is thinking but best player left is safety Eric Berry

Raiders- Heywood-Bey was a bust last year and Al davis is an idiot. He drafts WR Dez Bryant

Bills.- I can see OL Bruce Campbell but I say spot goes to Clausen

Jacksonville-horrible on pass defensive so Haden or Mayes end up here


I think the Eagles are trading up to get Berry, since They have the picks to do it. If not Him, the Eagles go after Cornerback Joe Haden, or FS Earl Thomas.