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 Posted: Thu Apr 8th, 2010 09:59 pm
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Tournament starts late Monday Night. All voting must be done out in the open. I'm not using the poll feature on the board.
Some brackets are more stacked than others. Occasionally a band won't fit the Bracket's description. I say Fuck That. Too Bad.

I am willing to listen to arguments about seedings.  I'm sure I have forgotten some worthy bands. Nominate a Band but also say which band should be removed from the tourney.

The British Invasion Bracket
1 Led Zeppelin
2 Rolling Stones
3 The Beatles
4 The Who
5 Jethro Tull
6 Cream
7 The Kinks
8 Deep Purple

The You never know what will happen on stage Bracket
1 Kiss
2 Rush
3 Pink Floyd
4 The Doors
5 Queen
6 Yes
7 Alice Cooper
8 Genesis

The Almost Cut My Hair Bracket
1 Allman Brothers Band
2 Santana
3 Beach Boys
4 Lynyrd Skynyrd
5 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
6 Velvet Underground
7 Grateful Dead
8 Jefferson Airplane

The Whole Lotta Rosie Bracket
2 Aerosmith
3 Van Halen
4 Black Sabbath
5 Jimi Hendrix Experience
6 Bad Company
7 The Scorpions
8 Thin Lizzy

The Fuck if I know What to Call it Bracket
1 U2
3 Chicago
4 Journey
5 Grand Funk Railroad
6 Moody Blues
7 Foreigner
8 Boston

The Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss Bracket
1 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
2 Fleetwood Mac
3 Heart
4 The Eagles
5 Paul McCartney & Wings
6 Doobie Brothers
7 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
8 Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Why Can't I Get Just One Fuck Bracket
1 The Ramones
2 The Police
3 The Pretenders
4 The Clash
5 Sex Pistols
6 Talking Heads
7 Blondie
8 Tourney Winner

The Enter Sandman Bracket
1 Metallica
2 Guns N Roses
3 Nirvana
4 Bon Jovi
5 Motorhead
6 Def Leppard
7 Pearl Jam
8 Judas Priest

Edit: Metellica number one seed.

Edit: Bad Company added. Dave Matthews gone.

Edit: I gave Bad Company the number six seed in the Whole Lotta Rosie Bracket. Moved The Scorpions & UFO down a slot. Moved Judas Priest from an 8th seed in one bracket to an 8th seed in another bracket. which was originally vacated by Dave Matthews.

Edit: Boston now in place of Bob Marley. Thin Lizzy in, UFO out.

Edit: Blondie in, Replacements out.

Edit: 16 Band tournament for 8th seed in The Why Can't I Get Just One Fuck bracket.

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