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 Posted: Fri Apr 9th, 2010 06:16 pm
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BayouBoogie wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: clawmaster wrote: BayouBoogie wrote: You could definitely take Violent Femmes out for AIC or Supertramp. 

I love the VF but I'll accept either Alice In Chains or Supertramp as a replacement.

If you're going to replace the VF in the "Why Can't I Get..." bracket (which seems to be mostly punk or punkish bands), I think the most logical replacement is Blondie.  Supertramp would stand out like a sore thumb in that bracket, and AIC doesn't really fit either. 

I'd also be okay with replacing The Replacements with Blondie, but that's just my opinion.


Blondie is alot more well known then The Replacements with alot more Hits. Also, isn't Blondie in the Rock-N-Roll HOF?

I agree. I'd vote Blondie over both the Replacements and Femmes and they do fit the bracket theme well.  I still think AIC deserves a spot in, even though they don't fot the bracket as well.

What about Chilli Peppers or Jane's Addiction?  I personally take AIC over either of them, but they are worth considering, I think.

Great call about RCHC and Jane's...I can't believe I didn't think of them.  I wouldn't be averse to putting them in the "You never know..." bracket at the expense of Yes and Genesis.

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