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 Posted: Sat Apr 10th, 2010 06:25 pm
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10/4/80 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Iron Sheik beat Ricky Steamboat
Ivan Koloff beat Buzz Sawyer
SD Jones & Don Kernodle beat Swede Hanson & Gene Lewis dq
Brute Bernard beat Nick DeCarlo
Tony Tosi beat Tony Russo

10/9/80 Sumter, SC @ Sumter County Exhibition Center
NWA Tag Team Champions Ray Stevens & Jimmy Snuka vs Masked Superstar & Sweet Ebony Diamond
Buzz Sawyer vs Dewey Robertson
Matt Borne vs Brute Bernard
Don Kernodle vs David Patterson

10/10/80 Charleston, SC @ County Hall
Ray Stevens & Jimmy Snuka beat Blackjack Mulligan & Masked Superstar dq
George Wells beat Dewey Robertson
Roddy Piper beat Cocoa Samoa
Brute Bernard beat Abe Jacobs
Swede Hanson beat Jerry Caldwell

10/14/80 Raleigh
Greg Valentine drew Ric Flair
Sheepherders beat Matt Borne & Buzz Sawyer
Blackjack Mulligan beat Bobby Duncum dq
Brute Bernard beat Jerry Caldwell
Roddy Piper beat Don Kernodle

10/18/80 Hendersonville, NC @ High School Gymnasium
Ray Stevens & Jimmy Snuka & Gene Anderson vs Johnny Weaver & Ricky Steamboat & Masked Superstar
Also In Action: Ivan Koloff, Buzz Sawyer, Brute Bernard, George Wells, Rick Ferrera and Ron Ritchie

11/3/80 Kitchener
Ric Flair & Masked Superstar beat Ray Stevens & Jimmy Snuka
Great Hossien Arab vs Dewey Robertson
Roddy Piper vs Paul Jones
Tony Parisi vs Cowboy Frankie Laine
Brute Bernard vs Bob Marcus

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