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 Posted: Wed Apr 21st, 2010 03:17 am
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Papa Voo wrote: Hammer to Fall wrote: I don't care that it's a 7th round pick. You have to be completely desperate to want Byron Leftwich.

When Jacksonville dumped him I thought they were crazy. Then I saw Leftwich play. They weren't crazy. He has nothing in the tank. Batch probably has more left at this point.

He still had a hell of a rifle when he played with the Stillers two seasons ago.  His mobility is not the best, but Batch is fragile like an antique ceramic vase with a crack in it.

That's exactly why they made the deal, Leftwich has worked the system before and should only need a refresher, and Batch can shatter at any time.

If they didn't make a deal and Batch gets hurt, the Steelers would be fucked with a capital F.