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 Posted: Wed Apr 21st, 2010 06:28 am
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Hammer to Fall wrote: Papa Voo wrote:
Hammer to Fall wrote: I don't care that it's a 7th round pick. You have to be completely desperate to want Byron Leftwich.

When Jacksonville dumped him I thought they were crazy. Then I saw Leftwich play. They weren't crazy. He has nothing in the tank. Batch probably has more left at this point.

He still had a hell of a rifle when he played with the Stillers two seasons ago.  His mobility is not the best, but Batch is fragile like an antique ceramic vase with a crack in it.

He looked terrible with the Falcons in 2007. I was happy when they signed him but when they gave him the ball, he couldn't move at all and couldn't hit his targets. Perhaps he was out of shape that season or perhaps he didn't care. The Falcons as a team sure didn't that year.

Leftwich is 1,000 times better than shitty Batch. Hell, I'd fucking sign Ryan Leaf and make him a starter, before I made Batch one. He's GARBAGE(Batch)...I know...he stunk for the Lions......and couldn't stay healthy.


Anyone have Jeff George/Scott Mitchell's #?

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