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5/3/77 Raleigh, NC @ Dorton Arena
Texas Tornado Match
Mighty Igor & Wahoo McDaniel beat Masked Superstar & Kim Duk
Tiger Conway Jr beat Jerry Blackwell
Ricky Steamboat beat Tony Russo
Danny Miller beat Blue Scorpion via pin
Mr Sato beat Lanny Poffo

5/6/77 Roanoke, VA @ Civic Center
Mighty Igor vs Masked Superstar
Kim Duk vs Ricky Steamboat
Ron Starr & Rick McGraw vs Jerry Blackwell & Scott Irwin
Joyce Grable vs Terri Shane
Danny Miller vs Tony Russo
Steve Kovacs vs Larry Sharpe

5/7/77 Kings Mountain, NC @ Community Center
Elimination Match
Johnny Weaver & Mighty Igor vs Kim Duk & Masked Superstar
Jerry Blackwell vs Red Bastien
Rick McGraw vs Lanny Poffo
Bill Dromo vs Larry Sharpe
Plus one other bout

6/14/77 Raleigh, NC @ Dorton Arena
Masked Superstar & Blackjack Mulligan beat Mighty Igor & Bobo Brazil
Johnny Weaver beat Missouri Mauler dq
Brute Bernard beat Mr Sato
Danny Miller beat Blue Scorpion
Phil Mercado beat George Two Ton Harris

6/16/77 Anderson, SC @ Recreation Center
Kim Duk & Masked Superstar beat Johnny Weaver & Mighty Igor
Missouri Mauler beat Danny Miller
Ted Oates beat Ricky Ferrara
Tully Blanchard beat Lanny Poffo
Tony Russo drew Bill Dromo

6/18/77 Hampton, VA @ Hampton Roads Coliseum
Mighty Igor beat Masked Superstar
Bobo Brazil beat Missouri Mauler
Tully Blanchard & Ricky Steamboat beat Boris Malenko & Kim Duk
Phil Mercardo beat Blue Scorpion
Rick McGraw drew Jacques Goulet
Ricky Ferrara beat Johnny Eagles

6/21/77 Raleigh, NC @ Dorton Arena
Mighty Igor beat Masked Superstar dq
Dino Bravo beat Missouri Mauler
Abe Jacobs & Tully Blanchard beat Jacques Goulet & Brute Bernard
Ricky Ferrara beat Frankie Laine
Mr Sato beat Tony Russo

6/23/77 Harrisonburg, VA @ High School Field
Kim Duk & Masked Superstar vs Mighty Igor & Tiger Conway Jr
Dino Bravo vs Jerry Blackwell
Bill Dromo vs Scott Irwin
Danny Miller vs Larry Sharpe
Blue Scorpion vs Steve Kovacs

6/27/77 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Ric Flair & Masked Superstar beat Mighty Igor & Ricky Steamboat
Brute Bernard no contest Rick McGraw
Mr X beat Johnny Eagles
Ted Oates beat Ricky Ferrara
Steve Kovacs beat Lanny Poffo

6/29/77 Pembroke, NC @ Pembroke State University Gym
Wahoo McDaniel & Mighty Igor vs Blackjack Mulligan & Masked Superstar
Tiger Conway Jr vs Brute Bernard
Abe Jacobs vs Mr X
Danny Miller vs Scott Irwin
Mr Sato vs Jacques Goulet

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