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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 05:44 am
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Where's all the Celtics fans?

You guys should be proud of your team this season for even making it as far as they did. Unfortunately the offense wasn't there for them tonight. Thumb's up to Rashed Wallace. I got to admit hey played very well tonight. MVP of The Celtics in Game 7 IMHO.

Even though there wasn't much offense I thought it turned out to be one of the greatest games I've seen in awhile...regardless of who was playing and the outcome. I love those defensive, rock 'n' sock 'em type games. Very physical game IMO and I'm sure ALL of the starters on both teams will be sore and full of bruises tomorrow morning...even more-so that they probably were after Game 6.

Fun series to watch, even though I really thought the officiating overall in the Finals was the shits...on BOTH sides of the ball. Thank goodness they pretty much let them play tonight.