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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 03:02 pm
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1: Leafs losing to the Kings in Game 7 in 1993 Conference finals
2: Jays losing to KC in game 7 of 1985 AL Pennant, after having been up 3 games to 1
3: KU Jayhawks losing to Belmont in Round 1 in 2005
4: Leafs losing to Carolina in Game 6 Conference finals 2002
5: KU Losing to Syracuse in the 2003 NCAA Championship Game

Then off course what would have topped my list was the KU - Memphis title game in 2008 where KU was 2 minutes away from topping this list down by 7.....however the comeback, capped by the big FU to Calipari by Mario Chalmers 3pt shot with 2 seconds left changed everything.