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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 03:29 pm
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5 - Danny Ozark fails to replace Greg Luzinski in left field (he subbed Jerry Martin for
Luzinski all year long) and Manny Mota lines a catchable (for martin) ball to Luzinski
(he blows it) and there goes game three of the 1977 NLCS.

4- Eagles travel to Chicago in 1988 and lose what becomes known as "The Fog Bowl"

3- Trailing 24-14 with five minutes left McNabb goes to the "slow down" offense
They eventually score but leave themselves only seconds to try and catch the
Patriots in the Super Bowl. A McNabb INT ends the season.

2- Tampa Bay Bucs come into Vet Stadium and roll the Eagles in the 2002 NFC Championship game. Philly had handled basically the same team many times before (easily) Tampa Bay having an 0-30 record in cold temperatures, etc. Compounded by the Raiders laying down for the Bucs in that Super Bowl. If they had won the NFC Championship like they should have they would have won the Super Bowl.

1- The Raiders kicking the Eagle's asses all over New orleans in the 1980 Super Bowl. I was actually a Raiders fan growing up so this one didn't scar me at all but plenty here still would have liked to have seen Dick Vermeil win a championship here.