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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 05:01 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Count Grog wrote: not an NBA fan any more at all.  I watched bits and pieces of the playoffs and maybe a combined whole Charlottes Bobcats game in the season.  I love college BB but the pro game doesn't do it.  Still will watch before soccer.  I may actually watch more golf and I am not a fan either.
Why?, i always here this from older white males, and i am really interested in why, because the college game is close to horrible in my opinion, besides the fact that any team can win and that NBA needs to start havin parity, i don't see how college is SO MUCH better than the NBA.

The illusion that these kids are playing for the pure love of the game is part of it. Die hard support from their fans (blows away any pro sports fans, at least in the US, IMO) is also a part of it. Mistakes made because they are young and developing players, making upsets more feasable to consider is part of it. The single-elimination March madness tournament and "anything can happen" mentality that it instills is part of it.

The NBA being so predictable most of the time is a big part of it too. The best teams rarely lose games they should not lose, and that translates into the playoffs as well.

For me, I like that in College ball they still call travelling, and make other calls taht were how the game was called when I played it so many years ago. I see what they get away with now in the pros and it's hard to watch, knowing 25 years ago you couldn't take 5 steps to the basket to score, or hang out in the key for 5 seconds, etc. Hard to get into it when it's so different than what you played or watched as a youngster.

That's my take on it. I'm not a basketball expert by any means, that's just the things that make a college game more likely for me to stop and watch as opposed to a pro game, if I have to choose between the two.