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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 04:06 pm
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retroken wrote: 5. Marvin Hagler loses split decision (robbed of middleweight title) to Sugar Ray Leonard  1987  *I know this is not a team loss but Hagler was adored by the Boston faithful and I personally wept at the injustice of this decision*

Brutally called, I agree. Hearns losing to Leonard when he had the fight won in their first matchup was heartbreaking as well, almost as bad as leonard getting a gift draw against Hearns in the rematch. :?

Only one I can think of personally is the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals, game 1. The Hawks had the game in their pocket with a good lead in Pittsburgh, and then gave up two late goals to lose it (winner was scored with about 12 seconds left as I remember). It was only game 1 but as a hawk fan I KNEW they were done. That loss, in that fashion took all their spirit away. The next three losses were a foregone conclusion.

The most heartbreaking defeat for the hawks all-time had to be the game 7 loss to Montreal in Chicago in 1971. That didn't affect me personally (too young), but older Hawks fans to this day still bristle when it comes up and few will talk about how bad that loss hurt them. that may change now that the Hawks finally won a Cup, but it's a deep wound amongst older Hawks fans.