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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 07:37 pm
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Cos there are people here who have admitted changing their teams.  And what happened when the Dodgers moved to California?  The equivalent here saw fans create a new team and they're now one step away from the League.  Aldershot and Accrington both went bust but fans founded new teams and they are both now back in the League (it took Accrington over 40 years to get back).  Fans do not desert their teams.  Some may stop going, but they still follow them, and get back when the economy/team takes an upturn. 

Rugby has some areas where it is the dominant team sport, but they're pretty limited - south-west (union) and between Liverpool and Manchester/around York (league).  But there are a number of people who follow football and cricket in particular as the seasons are not contiguous, just look at the next England tour and see how many flags pay tribute to football teams.  You'd be surprised how many watch one-day matches in cricket, and Tests are often sold out for all five days.  The problem with county cricket is that people won't take 4 days off work to watch a national match.