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 Posted: Fri Jun 18th, 2010 07:50 pm
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I have changed allegncies for various reasons.

Pirates fan tell death (please sell them and relocate them to Charlotte)

Vikings fan till death but follow the local Carolina Panthers some.  Steelers sucked when I started watching football, Vikings were good so thats where I made my choice and grew up in Western Pennsylvania in the 1970's holding my guns and getting my ass kicked over it.

Hockey grew up a Blackhawks fan-The Pens like the Steelers sucked when I started to watch so made the Blackhawks my team  but when they started to really suck the Hurricanes moved here so easy transition (plus working at the arena helps)  team.

Basketball I really don't follow- no Pittsburgh team (Condors never counted) So first a Atlanta Hawks fan because of pete Maravich, then a 76ers Fan because of DR J when Charles Barkley joined them I quit following them.  Was a luke warm Charlotte Hornets fan same with  Bobcats.  I check the standings and box scores and watch 3-5 minutes here and there.

College Sports grew up a Pitt Fan but visited campus and hated it while lo ved WVU so wemnt theer and changed my allegence.  WVU not condusive to graduating so after moving down here I finished at NC State and support them unless they play WVU.  They are so mediocre at everything its hard to be hard core but over time I have seen way more State Football and basketball games than WVU.  Also got another degree from Appalachain State and pull for them.


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