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 Posted: Sat Jun 19th, 2010 02:18 am
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My list is a little bit different than you'd think because the most disappointing Bills Super Bowl moments happened when I was a little kid, so I didn't have a ton invested in it.

1. Game 6 1999 Stanley Cup Finals. Obvious one. Just total incompetence, which I think was a big factor in the NHL becoming a huge joke in the US to a lot of people. It seems that just in this past year as the league started to recover some image.

2. Game 7 2006 Eastern Conference NHL Finals. Sabres probably win the Cup if 5,623 defenseman do not get hurt. Minor league scrub Rory Fitzpatrick blows it in the third period defensively. Raleigh, whose area may have had more Sabres fans than Hurricanes fans lurking around during that series wins the Cup out of it. I'm sure Cory will list Ty Conklin if he comes in here.

3. Music City Miracle because it was yet another blown call. Good job by the NFL having the instant replay machine right next to a huge crowd of Titans fans.

4. Super Bowl 25

5. Week 17 2004 season. Bills vs. the Steelers' third string. Bills make the playoffs with a win, but instead, Drew Bledslow writes his ticket out of town with a disastrously arrogant performance. It all started off bad when he defied the Head Coach on the opening coin toss.

As a Yankees fan, I could have said 2004 ALCS, but I called it on OLC at the time. The Yankees scored 19 runs or whatever in Game 3, and that team always disappeared for a week after having scored a bunch of runs.