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 Posted: Sat Jun 19th, 2010 08:19 am
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1991- my beloved Detroit Lions LOSE to the Washington Redskins in the NFC title game(after leading 10-0 @ halftime-Mother fucking shitty Lions)

1988-gm 7 loss to the Lakers in the NBA finals. First chance for a team to "three peat" in a bit of time.

2009-SC finals gm 7-FUCK YOU PITTSBURGH PENGUINS(&Chris Osgood)

2006 WS-my Tigers GAVE THAT FUCKING SERIES AWAY to the Cardinals.

2005-NBA finals-Pistons couldve(and shouldve) repeated here, but Larry fucking Brown, couldnt decide what team he wanted to coach, and that fucked us all up. Fuck you Larry Brown

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