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 Posted: Sat Jun 19th, 2010 09:28 am
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tofu_chipmunk wrote:
Most American sports enthusiasts have the impression that the world is calling them stupid or uncultured for not loving the sport as much as those from other countries do.  As a result, many get defensive about that and point out what they see to be shortcomings of the sport, and we get these standoffs over the issue.  People don't like being called uncouth, and people don't like others disparaging the game/sport they love.  Both these things are completely understandable.  I think with demographic shifts in the United State and more youth participation, soccer will continue to slowly gain ground.  I don't see MLS ever being as popular as the NFL, MLB, or the NBA.  In southern states, it probably has a shot as being as popular as the NHL at some point.  It's a more TV-friendly product than the NHL, when those damned horns aren't blowing.

And another thing Americans don't get about soccer are the riots.  We just don't get these stadium riots at all.  The American way is to watch sports at home, and go riot in the streets.

The world doesn't really care about American support for American sports, what the world does think is calling a baseball competition played in one country the "World" Series is a bit presumptuous.  Especially when the Cubans are more successful at the Olympics.  Stick the Havana Habaneros or whatever in there and let's see a real world championship.

The problem football has is the US media.  Same as NASCAR.  The latter was seriously ignored for years, I remember on my first visit to the States in the early 1990s I was astounded at the coverage NASCAR got - nothing.  Even though it was already the number 2 spectator sport.  But it didn't register with the ingrained attitudes of the primarily north-east sportswriters.  It's obviously muscled its way in since, but it took time and a gigantic bandwagon.  Why would football get coverage when the writers know, understand and love baseball, gridiron and basketball?  And know their audience?