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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 01:14 pm
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I would be interested in seeing Backlund's "drive to the championship".

One of the (never-ending) debates on kayfabememories is if Backlund was a "draw". Those that support Backlund are quick to point out that his win over Graham was a complete surprise and hurt him quite a bit (people did not think he would last)

All I really remember is a TV win over George the Animal Steele. I have heard about a TV Texas Death match vs Tor Kamata where he gets put over well but I do not remember this. I think he may have "done some jobs" before winning the belt (usually done to set up legit challengers for the new champion) but that may also have hurt his "momentum" in the eyes of the fans and added to the "out of the blue" surprise.