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 Posted: Mon Jun 28th, 2010 04:12 am
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As a fan of the Ohio teams I could write a fucking novel, but to narrow it down some...

1.) Jose Mesa, Game 7. 

2.) 2006-7 BCS Championship.  With the exception of the 1990 Liberty Bowl when they lost to Air Force, I have never, ever seen a Buckeyes team look so completely unprepared.  I spent a year of my life in anticipation of that inevitable championship appearance and I switched the thing off at halftime.

3.) 2007 ALCS.  Specifically game 7 when 3B coach Joel Skinner holds up Kenny Lofton with 1 out in the 7th inning when Lofton could have easily scored the tying run.  Casey Blake promptly grounds into an inning-ending DP and the Tribe pen coughs up 6 runs and any chance of a comeback.  All after being up 3-1 in the series.  This hurt a lot because there's no doubt we would have taken Colorado if we could have won won more freaking game against Boston.  Now I wonder if I'll ever see the Tribe in the playoffs again.

4.) The Drive.  Would be #1 but I was too young to get *that* emotionally attached to a sporting event, and also too young to realize that the Browns, Buckeyes, and Indians would shatter me many, many, many more times.

5.) Greg Oden and the Buckeyes' loss to Florida in the 2007 NCAA finals.  Even though we weren't favored, it was bad enough that we got our asses kicked by the Gators in one sport--then it had to happen again at the hands of that fucker Joakim Noah.

I only have about a million other options to choose from--double that if you include regular-season games that were essentially elimination contests.