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 Posted: Wed Oct 31st, 2007 01:36 pm
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Backlund's first territory was Tri States for Leroy McGuirk. Those that watched McGuirk TV described him as a TV jobber and were shocked when Bob went on to have success in the Amarillo territory because he lost so much in Tri States.

I don't have many listings from this territory.

10/29/73 Tulsa, OK @ Assembly Center
Tarzan Baxter & Scandor Akbar beat Grizzly Smith & Dewey Robertson
Ken Mantell beat Randy Tyler 2-0
Mephisto & Dante beat Pez Whatley & Oni Wiki Wiki
Bobby Whitlock drew Bob Backlund 10:00

11/1/73 New Orleans, LA @ St. Bernard Civic Auditorium
Benny & Billy McGuire beat Stan Kowalski & Kim Duk
Dewey Robertson beat Tank Morgan on a 3rd fall dq
Seigfried Stanke beat Bob Backlund
Randy Tyler beat Silento Rodriguez
Rip Tyler beat Jim Ledford

11/12/73 Tulsa, OK @ Assembly Center
Ken Mantell beat Tarzan Baxter
Scandor Akbar beat Dewey Robertson
Kim Duk & Stan Kowalski beat Mephisto & Dante
Bob Backlund drew Bill Ash

12/5/73 Baton Rouge
Jake Smith & Bob Remus beat Dante & Mephisto dq
Gentle Ben the wrestling bear beat Dante
Oni Wiki Wiki beat Bob Whitlock
Blackjack Slade beat Bob Backlund
Note: I question the Bob Remus listing. Remus aka Sgt Slaughter made his pro wrestling debut only two days earlier in Wisconsin.

12/8/73 Loranger
Jake Smith beat Gentle Ben The wrestling Bear
Dr. X & George Strickland beat Ron Bass & Don Bass
Seigfried Stanke beat Bob Backlund

3/13/74 Baton Rouge
Ken Mantell & Arman Hussein beat Scandor Akbar & Bob Sweetan
Grizzly Smith & Terry Latham beat John Black & El Gringo
Luke Brown beat Phil Robley dq
Chief White Cloud beat Ron Bass
Don Bass beat Bob Backlund

Phil Robley aka Buck Robley.

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