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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2008 08:33 pm
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By the time I became a teen and was going to shows with friends, that was already dead at the big arenas.  Everything was blocked off and you couldn't get close to anyone.  I have a friend who got a bunch of autographs in a parking lot as wrestlers were getting out of their cars at Universal Studios for a WCW Worldwide taping, but that's about it. 

At airports, I saw Hulk Hogan several times, always dressed in full gimmick and not stopping to talk to anyone.  Attention-whore, yet didn't want to be bothered at the same time, complete douche.  It's 50 degrees out, Hogan is wearing a sleeveless rip-off "Hulkamania" T-shirt, "Hulkamania" bandana, and wrestling tights and then pushes past everyone saying he's late and can't sign autographs, not once but 3 times. 

I caught Tito Santana and Yokozuna as they were deplaning from a flight from England once and they were both friendly.  I've since heard tons of stories about Tito being rude to fans, which really goes against his image and I can tell you that wasn't my experience at all.

I'm part of the newer generation that lined up outside the Lost Battalion Hall and Elk's Lodge at 1:00 PM for an 8:00 PM start time with a cooler full of beers and greeted the ECW wrestlers as they walked into the building.  New Jack was the friendliest, spending sometimes more than a hour with us, while Stevie Richards was the biggest prick.  The only old school heel who stayed in character at all times was Buh-Buh Ray Dudley.  RVD tried to score pot off my friend once, but he was cool otherwise.  "El Puerto Ricana" Pablo Marquez (remember him?) hit on  some 15-year old  girl we were with and tried to convince her to come home with him.

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