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 Posted: Tue Jul 6th, 2010 08:46 pm
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I bumped the thread over there. Thesz was good at what he did and I can appreciate his ability. He was tailor made to be champ during the era where kayfabe was alive and wrestling was presented as a serious sport.  The guy bored me to tears though. He had absolutely zero charisma, guess he didn't need it as he had that aura I guess.  Rocco may well have been the first famous spot monkey, but which of those two do you think would be a star with their moves and look today? Rocca would by far in my opinion. Not that that means much considering wrestling does suck now.  Like I said I give Thesz his props for being solid in the ring but I don't go out of my way to watch his matches. I grew up with Midsouth, Crockett, South Eastern/Continental, Florida, and Georgia way before I got to see any WWF or AWA. I loved how those promotions presented wrestling as legit, but had some more color and it wasn't just about exchanging holds and chain wrestling.  I can respect that in a match, but I enjoyed the angles and promos just as much.  Still the little correspondence I had with Lou, he seemed friendlier than many who had been in the biz. He was gracious and answered my questions in a cordial manner.

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